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Welcome to the relaxing environment of Bluegum Bowen Therapy at the Lemon Balm Clinic in Katoomba. You are invited to lie on a comfortable treatment table to receive a gentle body therapy. As you slowdown and relax deeply, your body lets go of its stress chemicals and you awaken feeling recharged. Getting off the treatment table you realize that not only do you feel a little bit taller or straighter, but that your pain is significantly reduced, maybe even completely gone.

Coming to Bowen Therapy after 40 years of nursing and midwifery, Marga is aware of how the above must sound! It has taken not only her studies of the National Certificate IV in Bowen Therapy (NAT10533) but also her personal experience of receiving Bowen Therapy following a serious leg fracture and the resulting period of chronic pain, to realise the power of this gentle healing modality. Since that experience, Marga is committed to and loves to see improvement in her clients' physical and emotional health and wellbeing. She believes in listening with empathy and providing positive feedback while explaining clients' individual treatment plans.

Marga practices Bowen Therapy from the award winning Lemon Balm Clinic in Katoomba, as well as from her beautiful farm in the upper Blue Mountains, Kanimbla Valley via Little Hartley. The Quaker style barn is a beautifully appointed and safe space for healing.

Marga is a full member of the Bowen Association of Australia (Member No.10439).

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What is Bowen Therapy?

bowen move performed on shin

Bowen Therapy is an internationally recognised form of bodywork that involves fascia, the soft connective tissue that covers all our muscles and organs. A Bowen therapist uses sequences of gentle cross-fibre moves, each at a precise site of the body, over muscles, tendons, joints, soft connective tissue (fascia) and nerves. As all these structures are enveloped by fascia these moves stimulate both the fascia and nerve receptors, initiating a series of powerful responses. These responses do not only affect the musculoskeletal framework but also the nervous system and internal organs. It is the effect on the nervous system that allows the body to relax from long-held tensions and start the healing process.

Bowen moves are pleasant and relaxing, they do not involve manipulations. They can be performed over the skin or light clothing, so there is no need to undress. The move sequences are separated by short rest periods or pauses.

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Clinic Information

  • Lemon Balm Clinic Katoomba - Monday from 09:30am to 17:30pm
  • Barn Clinic Ganbenang - Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays from 08:30am to 17:30pm
  • Appointments necessary

Pricing Guide

Pricing is determined by complexity of the condition and the duration of the appointment time. Generally, the duration for an adult initial session is 1.5 hours. Follow up adult sessions are between 1 hour or 30 minutes.

Initial treatment (90 minutes) $110
Follow up session (60 minutes) $90
Follow up session (30 minutes) $65
Concession discounts available
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The Lemon Balm Clinic treatment room
The Lemon Balm Clinic treatment room

Client Feedback

Rochelle C, Lithgow

Marga helped me with issues I had with my hip and shoulder. Marga provided a warm, caring environment which, combined with the Bowen technique, allowed my body to begin to heal.

Jill R, Tamworth

The treatment is very calming and relaxed and has been most effective for me. The explanation of the treatment was very informative and made it a very pleasurable experience.

Kim L, Kanimbla Valley

Since Marga's treatment with Bowen my ailments have improved amazingly. I would highly recommend Marga, she has been my salvation. 10/10!

Yvonne S, Ganbenang

An achilles tendon injury, 2-3 months of physio with no result. 2 Bowen treatments from Marga and the issue resolved, that was 2 years ago. Marga is a true professional, asks questions, listens carefully, explains the procedure, does not take risks and is prepared to refer you to a medical practitioner if she feels this is necessary. Marga's many years of experience as a registered nurse and midwife, as well as her Bowen training, make her a unique and outstanding Bowen Therapist.